What Are You Afraid Of?

I was going through some old writing and I found some pretty powerful words I wrote shortly after the little was born. What am I afraid of? I’m afraid of not fitting in. I’m afraid of not being accepted. I’m afraid of not being loved. I’m afraid people will think I’m a bad mother. I’m […]

The Post Where I Get Pissed

Star Wars Dot Gif I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my underlying anger as of late. Despite the fact that humans are social animals it can feel like each individual is in their own universe, sometimes even speaking their own language with little regard for communication and connection with those outside that universe. As […]

Goals Vs Resolutions

Goals are defined as “something that somebody wants to achieve”; resolutions are defined as “firmness of mind or purpose.” I’m trying to process both these definitions. My goals for 2017 are clearly defined and growing. My resolutions are experimental (I’m mainly focused on improving my health in 2017). Goals are the things we seek to […]

2017 Has Me

I was born 10 days late and I’ve always felt like I was running behind in life. 2017 is not much different, except that I’m wanting so very much to keep up with the pace life has thrown at me (and in a joyful way). The winter malaise runs deep this year and I’m working […]

Weekly Round Up

Things I Love This Week: ★Baby’s First Audition – Baby’s First Audition from alex on Vimeo. I want that bebe!!! ★Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theater – This little “experiment” of Louis C.K.’s is so awesome and the special is definitely worth the $5. He’s even released a statement on what he’s doing with […]

Gettin’ Crafty Wit It! – Creature Mod

First, watch this: My husband and I LOVE Robot Chicken. We grew up playing with toys like Transformers & Rainbow Brite, watching Saturday morning cartoons and munchin’ on over-sugared cereals. These insanely funny shorts always seem to leave us in stitches. So, when I saw this plushie over at Perpetual Kid I knew I just […]

Weekly Roundup

This week has been tough. My husband was out of town the entire week, leaving me alone with a baby, two cats and two dogs. For some reason I was ill-prepared and bummed most of the week. I think I’m just feeling empty in general. Gabe is by far the awesomest thing I did in […]

Online Christmas Shopping

Amazon & I are now BFF. photo by cogdogblog This year I did most of my Christmas shopping online. I didn’t plan to do things this way. I had hoped to MAKE most of my gifts. Alas, many of those gifts I’m still working on. So, people on my NICE list can probably expect beautiful, […]

First Post

Blogging is something I’ve wanted to do since I found out it was “a thing.” There have been many reasons I’ve shied away from it, namely; I’m afraid of what people will think; I’m afraid I don’t have anything worthwhile to say and ultimately, I don’t leave enough time to make blogging a priority. I’m […]